Sep 172008

The Session logoWell, hosting The Session last month was a great experience, and I hope to have the opportunity again someday. For now, though, I must pass the torch.

Next month’s Session will be hosted by Bathtub Brewery. The October topic is Beer and Memories – I quote the announcement post:

For the 20th Session, Bathtub Brewery threw our hats in the ring (our hops in the fermenter?) to host a Session topic you might not expect. I’m sure you were figuring we’d quiz you on the best pumpkin brews to pass your lips, or ideas for wild and crazy ingredients for a harvest ale. Well, that won’t be the case. Instead, I pose this question for you to ponder:

Is there a beer that reminds you of a specific memory?

If you’re thinking, “Huh?” then you might want to craft your response along the lines of “Whenever I drink [insert brew here] it reminds me of that day …” Or perhaps it’s the reverse. Oooooh.

Speaking as someone who hasn’t even finished his Session post for last month, I don’t want to throw out pie-in-the-sky promises about next month. However, I do have some cool ideas for this topic, so we’ll see what happens. And yes, I am still working on my Deutsches Bier Session post – don’t lose hope!

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